What if jesus really lived with you? n°1 (man beating his wife)
oil on canvas
43X27,5 inches

What if Jesus really lived with you? n°2 (pregnant drunk woman)
oil on canvas
40X25 inches

Interpretations, or misinterpretations, of modern Christianity have become an easy way to make excuses in the name of God. Would it not be better to look at ourselves introspectively, rather than sheltering ourselves behind walls covered in Jesus icons, to heal the pleasure taken in our daily sins?
If Jesus were living with you, what would you do? Would you take responsibility for this way of life?
Jesus is not here to cleanse your shame or guilty conscience. Jesus drives you to be a better person and to learn from your mistakes.

" People with wicked ideas will be far from me. I will not mix with them."
Psalm 101 v.4


  1. Hi Mark,

    I am SHOCKED that I am the first person to comment on this body of work!!

    Absolutely amazing and an undeniable fact that you portray in these pieces!

    God Bless,
    Ali Zaidi

  2. I just saw What if jesus really lived with you? n°1 (man beating his wife)in Frank and looked you up. That's an awesome concept and I truly enjoyed it. I think it would be cool if somehow you could take some of Christ's greatest hits and place them in a modern day setting, i.e. instead of Christ feeding the masses with fish and bread, he feeds them with pizza instead.

    Thanks again for your work. It made me smile.